Day 1
24 Apr 2017
Day 2
25 Apr 2017

KEYNOTE: Dr. Reg Crowshoe

Developing Culturally Safe Services in Mainstream Organizations

A workshop that will provide an overview of the story of the AFCC and Alpha House Sweat Lodge collaboration which was initiated in 2009. The presentation includes reflections from our...
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TED Style Session A

1. The Indigenous Patient Journey Project – Randell Bell, AHS Provincial Addiction and Mental Health 2. The Role of Family in Residential Treatment Patient Retention – Carson McPherson & Eric...
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TED Style Session B

1. Recovery Matters – Lisa, Fresh Start 2. No Need to Panic; Youth Cannabis Education Prevention in Canada – Rebecca Saah, U of C, Dept of Community & Health Science...
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Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health; A FASD perspective

This workshop will provide professionals with an enhanced understanding of how to develop individualized strategies and accommodations for people living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. FASD is a lifelong medical...
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Caring Smarter, Not Harder

The presenters are registered nurses who work with the Pathways to Housing First program. This session will explore the benefits, challenges, and implications for staff self-care while working in a...
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Drug Class: Everything you wanted to know about marijuana but were too afraid to ask

Participants will gain an understanding of a delivery model to better inform and educate teens, parents, and professionals about the impact of substance use, misuse, and abuse on adolescent brain...
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Treating the Family as a Client

Addiction affects not only the addicted person but the entire family system. While research focuses on the impact of parenting practices on the development of adolescent addiction, there is a...
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Edmonton Police Service: Proactive with High Risk Youth

Participants will gain an awareness of what EPS is doing to engage, enforce and work proactively with the highest risk youth of our city and what really works to engage...
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Cultivating a Client Centered, Therapeutic Mindset

  This workshop will be an opportunity for participants to engage with their own experience in their counselling practice. It will provide a chance to build awareness of parallel processes...
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Improving Mental Health Concerns through Equine Facilitated Wellness

Participants will learn more about the world of Equine Facilitated Wellness and how it can be beneficial for people struggling with mental health concerns. They will come to understand the...
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Shifting What We Know: Trauma Informed Practice in Community Based Programs

Join Dylan Oosterveld for a workshop highlighting how the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary embarked on a multiyear journey to shift to trauma-informed practice in their residential programs. “This...
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FASD Best Practices & the Prevention Conversation

This informative workshop will introduce participants to the best practice principles for supporting those living with FASD Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the important discussion of women and prevention. Participants will...
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KEYNOTE: Marti Smith

Striving Towards a Congruent Community

This workshop will provide an overview of Enviros’ Shunda Creek program. Shunda Creek is a 3-month adult, voluntary addiction/mental health treatment center. Using wilderness and experiential therapy the treatment program...
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Making Modifications through Sensory Assessments

Join keynote speaker Marti Smith for this interactive session. Discover inexpensive and simple ways to create a sensory room or make simple changes to existing treatment space to facilitate regulation....
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FASD Understanding the Reasons for Modifying the Therapeutic Approach

The workshop will be a combination of lecture, audience participation and question/answer period. The goal is to provide the participants with some key analogies (i.e. “the bucket” and “the red...
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Alumni of Shunda Creek program, as a Key Aftercare Support Network

This session will provide the participant an overview of the components of the Enviros’ Shunda Creek alumni program. Including, the client’s perspective on their recovery journey. Initial outcomes from our...
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TED Style Session C

1. The Adventure Therapy experience Scale; Developing a tool to measure the added value of Adventure – Matt Hayes, Enviros 2. Factors associated with abstinence following Residential Addiction Treatment –...
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TED Style Session D

1. Alternatives to Criminalizing Public Intoxication; case study of a sobering center in Calgary AB – Kathy Christensan, Calgary Alpha House 2. Tips, Trick, and Creative Ideas For Following Up with...
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KEYNOTE: Margo Talbot + LUNCH

Sensory Assessment

Through the use of an interactive case study, participants will learn how to utilize the Sensory Checklist. This workshop will explore which sensory strategies will best help a client. Participants...
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The Powerful Practitioner

The presenter introduces participants to the Right Use of Power, an ethical and practice framework that gives the practical skills and awareness for helping professionals to better understand and use...
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Shifting the Effects of Compassion Fatigue

This workshop will assist the participants to understand the concepts of Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout. The participants will understand how they are impacted by their caring work and...
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Spirit of the Shunda Wolfpack

This workshop will address how Shunda Treatment Centre utilizes ceremony and ritual in its wilderness adventure therapy program to enhance the lives of our clients. We will review the various...
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Drugs, Teens and Trends

This session hopes to provide participants the opportunity to walk away with added knowledge around the new trends with drug use. As well as, identifying the correlation between addiction and...
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Trauma Informed Care in Practice

Join Capri Rasmussen as she explores how Aventa integrates trauma-informed care into addiction treatment for women. The session will include a discussion of trauma definitions, Trauma Informed Care Principles, and...
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