Dr. Reg Crowshoe

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Reg Crowshoe will be joining us at Shifting Perspective 2017 as one of our keynote speakers.

Dr. Crowshoe is a Blackfoot Cultural and Spiritual Advisor, and is the former Chief of the Piikani Nation.  Reg and his late father, Joe Crowshoe, traveled extensively around the world bringing awareness and education about Blackfoot history, traditions and spirituality.  In 1997, Reg developed the Blackfoot Framework for Decision-Making and Mediation Process called Akak’stiman, and presents it widely to Corporations, Government, Aboriginal organizations and the Non-Profit sector.  Akak’stiman is a Blackfoot World View on dual paradigms; Western Thinking and Blackfoot Thinking, and how these paradigms can be integrated to best serve Aboriginal people.  Reg sits on many Committees and Boards in Calgary, and commits his time to other provincial and national organizations.


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